Fabio Mecca, a fourth-generation Paternoster was born in a particularly successful year for Italian soccer which won the World Cup against Germany in 1982. In Italy, we say it's about being born under a lucky star.

Beyond his hard-earned and ongoing study and his proven talent as a winemaker, Fabio's DNA runs deep with sportsmanship, and in many ways, he has the same qualities as his uncle Pino. He works tirelessly in the vineyards and the winery, yet always finds time to be a thoughtful and generous contributor to the Italian wine community.

Today, Fabio heads the winemaking at Paternoster and at Masseria Surani in coordination with Giancarlo Tommasi. Both enologists share a philosophy that pushes the wines to ever higher standards as they shape the future of the winery together.

"I follow the wine in every phase, evaluating a design identity right from the tasting of the grapes. For each vineyard I want to get a wine. Nothing is left to chance, attention to details determines quality".

Fabio Mecca Paternoster, Paternoster and Masseria Surani Oenologist

The Winery

Some traditions cannot be abandoned. The historic cellar in Barile, dated 1925 above the entrance, is still the cellar where we age the Paternoster cru wines, Don Anselmo and Rotondo.

The quality provided by the naturally cool, dark volcanic tuff walls is unmatched for the cellaring and aging of the Aglianico wines. After the malolactic fermentation is complete, the wines will be transferred here in barrique or large oak barrels.

The modern winery is no less a work of passion, built where the Paternoster family bought its first vineyards on the hilltop "Villa Rotondo" farm in the contrada Valle del Titolo. The ruins of the Villa are still standing next to the new winery in a poetic contrast of past, present and future.

The architectural project captures the spirit of the place, the people and their wines. The two-floor structure in glass, wood and copper is at once soaring and bold, yet rooted and austere. The shape of the roof echoes the seven peaks of the now extinct, Monte Vulture. Floor-to-ceiling glass, allows the wine taster to live an immersive experience overlooking the immense expanse of the Vulture vineyards and olive groves.

The modern winemaking facility is on the ground floor, and is also the aging cellar for the rest of the Paternoster wines. We have continued to play with the contrast to tradition by choosing to age Synthesi, a modern expression of Aglianico, in the Villa Rotondo cellar. We like to think that Aglianico del Vulture is on the wine aficionado map today because the Paternoster family has continued to push the boundaries of winemaking, and thus, the potential of this territory.